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Video Gallery Slider Installation Guide

HubXpert Video Gallery Slider

If you don't already know, HubXpert has a lot of published and developing modules in the marketplace. One of them is the "Video Gallery Slider" module, which you can find here.

This page will guide you through the installation process. 


The Video Gallery Slider module at HubSpot lets you unleash the power of 3D sliders in your own websites and look super cool without writing a single piece of code! 


Highlight product features, testimonials, or events with this powerful, responsive tool, elevating your online presence and captivating visitors instantly. You Integrate videos into an immersive slideshow,  customize the visual presentation of the module to align with your brand's identity. Choose from a long list of multimedia formats, from videos, images, and text. Choose from YouTube, Vimeo, or  Google Drive!


Guarantee your site’s coolness across all devices for a consistent and superior look and feel.

You can change ALL texts

  • You can add your own custom texts & description at Header

  • You can customize those texts formats like font type, size, color, layouts like Bold, Italic, light or underlined

  • In Spite that you can also change the background color of the header following your website background color

  • It is also possible to completely hide the header, if you were to only display the video content or a header of your own design.

Second, Select the Account

If you have multiple accounts, select the account where you want to install the module

Usage Guide

Now that you have installed the guide, let's see how you can use it and change it to your own style:

Third, Configure the Module

After selecting the account, you will be taken to the module configuration page. Follow the instructions to configure the module according to your needs.

Finally, add the module to your page

Once the module is installed and configured, you can add it to your page.

Go to the page where you want to add the module, and click the "+" icon to add a new module. Select our module from the list of available module.

You can add and remove videos to your hearts content

  • You can add as many videos you want to display

  • The videos can be taken from a YouTube URL, Vimeo URL, Google drive shared link, and as well as a video embedded code from any website of your choice (provided that the website video does gives an embedded link)

  • In case of Google drive shared link and video embedded code, you are required to provide an external thumbnail for their cover picture.

  • You have the ability to choose between showing 3 videos, 5 videos & 7 videos

You can do other stuff

You also have the ability to set the video ratio up to your desire to best fit your website.

You also get the ability to the sizes & position of the behind videos. Making it a flexible module up to your choice to represent the best way to fit the module at your website

You can change the background color

You can set the background color and its opacity of your choice. Displaying a combined view of the module and your web site.

First, get to the module marketplace

If you haven't already, visit this link to get the module.​

You can read all features this module has, which is a lot!

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